About Us

SWEET CORNer cart sprung from the successful franchised outlets of Sps. Voltaire and Cholly Magpayo who started out as food cart franchised operators.


Thereafter, the couple conceptualized its own food cart which led to the birth of SWEET CORNer cart, registered with the Department of Trade and Industry in May 2009.  Initially, the couple started out with two carts and went to franchise to as far as Dumaguete, Davao and General Santos City.


Below are excerpts from news articles coming from different broadsheets:


“The idea of establishing their own business and spreading it out as a franchise literally dropped in to their laps.  In one trip to South Cotabato, where Cholly’s family has venture…, Voltaire touched based with an old friend who happened to be the president of the region’s corn cooperatives.”


-Business Agenda Section,  Published:  August 9, 2010, Manila Bulletin



“Sweet Corner doesn’t only sell just corn but organic corn harvested in South Cotabato.  Cholly is from the province and in on e of their visits their, Voltaire met with a farmer’s cooperative representative and the talk revolved around sustainable business.”


-Supplementary Section, Published:  June 11, 2010, Philippine Daily Inquirer



“Voltaire recalls that he and his wife did everything in the beginning, from the preparation to delivery.  They set aside glamour and worked hard instead.  And it paid off.”


-Joey Concepcion, Columnist
Published: June 19, 2011, Philippine Star



The rest as they say is SWEET CORNer’s history, which continue to unfold to this day…